Wallace Seymour Acrylic Paints & Acrylic Mediums

Posted on May 14, 2019 by Art Req

Wallace Seymour Acrylic Paint

Wallace Seymour began manufacturing acrylic paint in 2010.  Their Acrylic Paint is made using a special acrylic resin that allows the maximum tinting strength of the pigment to be included in the binding system.  This ensures maximum colour concentration.

When dry the acrylic paint paste is flexible, elastic and hard-wearing. The paint dries to a satin-gloss finish when applied neat however dilution with water will create a slightly matter finish.

The paint film is fixed and permanent once dry. The drying curve of Wallace Seymour Artist’s Acrylic Extra Fine Paint is slightly longer than most standard acrylic colours. Typically, a thin film will dry in 30-40 minutes depending on the ambient conditions.

The paint can be diluted with water to create watercolour-like washes and dilution does not reduce the adhesion of the paint to the painting support/surface used.



Using Acrylic Paint with Mediums & Primers

Wallace Seymour Artist’s Acrylic Extra Fine can be applied to almost any dirt and grease free support/surface such as primed (and un-primed) canvas, boards/panels, paper, wall surfaces (check the priming prior to application.  Ideally wall structures should be primed with Wallace Seymour Acrylic Size/Primer/Gesso surface preparations for maximum performance.

The normal paint paste has a soft gel consistency. To increase its volume, add 20-40% of either Wallace Seymour Impasto Gel Gloss or Matt. To obtain a satin finish mix the Gloss and Matt Gels together.

Wallace Seymour Artist’s Acrylic Extra Fine Paint can be applied in thicknesses up to 3-5mm without shrinkage. Heavier ‘gel’ applications can be achieved by admixing the acrylic colour with Impasto Gel (typically 5-10mm). Thicker passages may shrink a little during drying.

To dilute the paint without loss of sheen, add 10-20% Wallace Seymour Acrylic Fluid Medium Gloss or Matt. For a Satin finish, mix Fluid Medium Gloss and Matt together in a 50:50 ratio.

The drying time of Wallace Seymour Artist’s Acrylic Extra Fine Paint can be extended by adding 20-40% Wallace Seymour Acrylic Retarder. This soft gel will help keep the paint film open for a longer period of time.


Acrylic Paint Screenprinting

For Screenprinting techniques, add 30-50% Wallace Seymour Screenprint Paste to Wallace Seymour Artist’s Acrylic Extra Fine Paint. The Screenprint Paste will stay ‘open’ for longer periods to facilitate pulling of prints using standard screenprinting frame/mesh. A similar mix can be used to create monoprints/blockprints.  Wallace Seymour Acrylic paint is available in larger sizes up to a 2.5 litre container. 

 Finished paintings can be varnished using Wallace Seymour Gloss or Matt Varnish (water-based). These varnishes can be readily diluted with water as required. To gain a Satin finish, mix Gloss and Matt together in a 50:50 ratio.



Storage and Use of Wallace Seymour Acrylic Paint

Avoid adding water to the colour and then storing, as added water may cause the paint paste to spoil. Avoid contamination with fingers, wet brushes/painting knives or other utensils.  Paint can be cleaned up using water.  Clean jars thoroughly before replacing lids.