Alan Black

Three new colours have been added to the range of Michael Harding Oil Paints.  They are in stock now and available on the links below.


Pyrrole Red (Ref 230)

An addition of an affordable red to their product line that compliments their current reds and provides another level of depth in the family of Michael Harding oil paints and reds.  Pyrrole Red is an affordable, highly lightfast vivid red that is bold and bright yet with a cool, crisp undertone.

Michael Harding Pyrrole Red is a terrific inter-mixer for everything from Brilliant Pink to Permanent and Cadmium Oranges. Michael encourages artists everywhere to try it with his Yellows, Oxides and all other MH Colours. 


Indanthrone Blue (Ref 313)

This is a truly beautiful blue that was invented in 1901 as a synthetic dye and it has a great resistance to fading. Its popularity came about because of its strong resistance to fading and is popular in the automotive industry.  This shade of blue is inky and very interesting. 


Perylene Violet (314)

This is the first oil paint maker to manufacture this shade of Perylene Violet in an oil paint. This truly unique colour is often found in watercolour ranges but not in oils.

Perylene Violet is a smoky mauve violet with a very unusual caricature. When combined with rich yellows such as Indian Yellow, the colours produce amazing browns and deep gingery shades.

This is a subtle colour that may not leap off the palette and dazzle in the way a quinacridone does but is a marvellous addition to the Michael Harding oil paint range.

MH Perylene Violet has an atmospheric quality. Use it in mixes to create flesh tones for a beautiful fleshy base tone. It is also very useful when mixed with white to cool whites especially for painting fabrics. Perylene Violet also helps to keep chroma under control and can be used by mixing with transparent colours.

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