FluorX Fluorescent Acrylic Paints by Wallace Seymour

FluorX Fluorescent Acrylic Paints by Wallace Seymour
Alan Black

A range of fluorescent acrylic colours have recently been added to the store.

‘FluorX’ Fluorescent Acrylic Colours are extra luminous ‘day-glo’ pigments, combined in a water-clear acrylic resin base. The paint paste is a soft gel, which can be modified by dilution with water or addition of acrylic painting medium to change sheen/surface/texture, etc.

The ten available shades are enhanced when exposed to UV light as opposed to daylight or synthetic lighting. To this end, some artists show their work made with fluorescent colours in an environment where only UV light is used. Exposure to UV light also re-charges the fluorescence of the colours.

When not shown, artwork is best kept in a closed portfolio, away from light. On re-exposure to light, the colours will show more fluorescence initially – but on prolonged exposure to daylight will become slightly duller in appearance.

Fluorescent colours will also appear more vivid when painted onto dark grounds. For best results, prime the support first with Acrylic Primer/Acrylic Gesso, followed by a layer of Black Acrylic Gesso, or Mars Black Acrylic Colour. Fluorescent colour is then applied over the dark ground to create maximum luminescence. In practice, multiple layers, will appear more radiant than just one coating.

Avoid intermixing the different shades of FluorX Acrylic Colour – the colours work best when applied alone, or laid over dried paint to create optical mixtures. Avoid mixing with other acrylic colours, as the fluorescent colour will be eliminated by the standard acrylic colour. This is especially the case with whites.

Under UV light, FluorX White shows as a blue-violet colour. Under daylight, it appears as a radiant white.

FluorX Acrylic Colour can be applied to all normal painting supports – paper, canvas, panel, etc.

Some papers can cause a slight reaction, usually when acids from glue/sizing compunds migrate into the wet fluorescent paint. In essence, fluorescent colours are actually dyes, which are formulated to behave like pigments – and as such are more prone to change than normal pigments.

Avoid prolonged exposure to daylight/artificial light, as the colour can fade to some extent.

Clean-up is with water, for palettes, brushes, hands, etc.

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