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Wallace Seymour Vermilion, mercuric sulphide Bespoke Oil Paint

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Vermilion, mercuric sulphide  PR 106

HgS. An artificial mineral pigment, based on mercuric sulphide.

The natural mineral (cinnabar, mercury ore) produces a darker, brownish pigment and has been used as a painting material from classical times.

The permanence of vermilion is disputed: for many decades, the appearance of random black areas on paintings made with vermilion was blamed on a defect of the pigment. Recent studies seem to indicate that this blackening effect may be caused by admixtures with chrome red or red lead pigment.

Warm, bright red, slight dusky appearance.

Good opacity. Stable, very slow drying time – 10-14 days for a thin application.

Mercuric sulphide. Toxic.

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