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Wallace Seymour - Natural Paint System - Oil - Terra Rosa 'la Vena'

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Wallace Seymour - Natural Paint System - Oil - Terra Rosa 'la Vena' *****

Oil Colours, milled in cold pressed linseed oil from an English single farm estate. 

Prepared with pigments from sustainable material. Pigments from rocks, minerals and earth deposits.

Produced from :-

1. * From working quarry – where colour has been extracted for many centuries and by tradition
2. ** from working quarry, where the material is a by-product. Would otherwise be taken as landfill.
3. *** Semi-precious minerals, hand-mined by the colour producer in co-operation with working quarry (ie. Direct link from source to colour production).
4. **** Finite stock from long-closed quarry, which has since been landscaped and the quarry buildings re-purposed.
5. ***** by-product from other traditional industry (for Terra Rosa = Viticulture).

Dilute with Co Co Bello diluent (natural, plant based), or traditional solvents such as Double Rectified Turpentine, Low Odour Solvent.

Part of the Wallace Seymour Natural Paint System Artist's Oil Colours.

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