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Wallace Seymour - Natural Paint System - Oil - Orange Mine Ochre

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Wallace Seymour - Natural Paint System - Oil - Orange Mine Ochre (Scottish Central Belt Coalfields)

The raw material for these paints may be either from a historic quarry source, or be a by-product (i.e. not the main activity of the quarry).

For example, some of the ochres are from Britain using reclaimed raw material from the coal mining industry. The raw material has been cleaned, is free of contaminates and thereby recycled. Some raw materials used are effectively ‘waste’ in quarrying terms and normally would go for landfill – and are often used as ‘fill’ for road/rail embankments and other landscaping purposes.

These paints involve the identification of useful colours and careful extraction, washing, sieving, drying of the material.

Bright Orange Ochre and Bright Orange-Yellow Ochre are derivatives of Travertine Marble – the coloured material is washed out of the white marble and then processed into pigment.

Dilute with Co Co Bello diluent (natural, plant based), or traditional solvents such as Double Rectified Turpentine, Low Odour Solvent.

Part of the Wallace Seymour Natural Paint System Artist's Oil Colours.

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