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Wallace Seymour Liquid Graphite

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Wallace Seymour Liquid Graphite

A water-resoluble graphite that dries to a matt, velvet finish. It can be applied to art paper and can be diluted with water for subtle washes. When dry the surface sheen is similar to graphite powder. The binder used bonds the graphite to the painting surface, without creating any gloss.

There are four different colours of Wallace Seymour Liquid Graphite available in 50ml or 125ml.

Wallace Seymour Liquid Graphite can be diluted and with water and used on specific paper surfaces to allow the artist to further manipulate the material. eg when thinned fifty per cent with water and applied to a heavy weight (300gsm or above) handmade paper, the graphite particles dry off slightly exposed on the surface, creating a variegated effect. The graphite can be used in a number of innovative ways with ither media such as charcoal, pastel, water based inks etc.

It can be can be applied with brushes, palette knives, spatulas, etc., and used neat or diluted. It may also be mixed with acrylic paint and/or acrylic mediums to create for even more versatile effects.

Pure silver graphite

Graphite with iron glimmer, a unique micaeous iron oxide. The large iron glimmer particles refract light creating a shimmering silver grey effect

Magic Lapis
Pure silver graphite with French Ultramarine pigment. Creates a deep blue glaze with a subtle graphite under shade when diluted back with water.

Marron Dore
Pure silver graphite with translucent red-brown iron oxide. This shimmering warm brown tone is ideal to establish a toned ground onto the paper surface. Inspired by the warm under-glazes used in Gustav Dore’s Scottish Highland landscapes.

Colour: Liquid graphite
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