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Wallace Seymour Lapis lazuli De- Luxe, Afghan, Fra Angelico Blue Bespoke Oil Paint

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Lapis Lazuli. Afghan, Fra Angelico Blue. PB 29

Milled in Sun Thickened Linseed Oil. To order only.

Available in 5ml tube.

3Na2O.3Al2.6SiO2. 2Na2S. Natural ultramarine, in pigment form, is derived from the semi-precious stone, lapis lazuli. The stone is composed of the blue mineral, lazurite, with additions of calcspar and iron pyrite. The original source for lapis lazuli lies in the valley of the Kokcha river, at Sar-e-sang (place of stones) in the province of Badakshan, north-eastern Afghanistan.

Good transparency, especially in oil glazes. Often found in oil paintings as a thin glaze over an azurite or ultramarine ash under paint. In oil, a small addition of white will provide a more covering, solid blue.

Often employed with red lake pigments such as carmine or madder, to gain purple/violet mixtures. It is also possible to lay down lapis as an under paint, then overpaint with transparent glaze of red lake to gain purple/violet.

Wallace Seymour Fra Angelico Lapis Lazuli is milled in their own production sun-thickened linseed oil, to provide the optimum oil colour. Because of the highly specialised extraction for this pigment they only produce to order. Availability on request.

Drying: 3-4 days in thin application.

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