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Wallace Seymour Cobalt Violet Brilliant Bespoke Oil Paint

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Cobalt Violet Brilliant, milled in Poppy Oil PV 49

An artificial mineral pigment. Calcined cobalt arsenate. Dates from the early 1900s. The particular hue of cobalt violet light cannot be matched through mixing other colours. Despite the high price, it is still an important colour for artists. Cobalt violet light has a tendency to darken slightly when ground as an oil colour (due to high oil absorption). Weak. Pale violet. Semi-opaque. Stable in oil.

The delicate pure violet colour is best preserved by using alone (without mixing with other colours), especially in glazes.

Slow drying (milled in poppy oil), 10-14 days in thin applications.

The pigment is produced according to Wallace Seymour's own specific recipe and is a unique pigment in the market.

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