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PAB “Muccino” Fresco Pure Bristle Brush

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Muccino” Fresco Brush Pure Bristle Brush BR/12 (series 108)

Ideal for all water-based painting, especially useful for laying in large passages of colour.

The tip is domed to provide control of application of wet paint. The interlocking hog bustle helps retain the domed shaped of the tip, even after prolonged use. The chunky but light in weight raw wood handles allow good, supple balance in the hand when working. The brush hair is bound in string and glue, so when not in use during the painting session, the brush can be left in water without fear of rusting, etc. Originally designed for use in fresco painting, these large size brush heads provide great freedom and expression for artists working in any water-based medius but especially semi-dilute acrylics, where the artists needs to cover larger areas of canvas with loose marks.

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