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PAB Martora Kolinsky Tonda M.Corto Sable Brush

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PAB Kolinsky Sable Brush, Extra Fine BR/06 (series 230C)

Hand-selected Kolinsky Sable, with a tapered tip for maximum suppleness with perfect control of paint release. These brushes use only the highest grade of Sable that is carefully sorted and shaped.  This is then tightly packed into the ferrule for maximum control and precision for watercolour painting. The handle is perfectly balanced so while painting the brush almost becomes an extension of the painter’s arm.

The fat ‘belly’ of the brush creates a reservoir for the loaded paint, which gently releases onto the paper surface, as the artist makes contact with the paper sheet.

Balance and control. The larger sizes perform best and are very versatile. For example, if you use a size 12 or 16 there is no need to have smaller sizes.  The brush tip has enough control and precision to make the mark you desire yet with the same brush you can make extended washes of dilute watercolour, without having to reload the brush with more paint.

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